What are Gun Safe Movers?

When it comes time to move, it’s common to make a plan for transporting items from one place to another. But it’s not always easy to plan for things that are heavy or prone to damage, such as gun safes. Professional movers are trained to handle sensitive items like guns and safes without causing damage to your property or injury to themselves. That’s why hiring a moving company specializing in moving gun safes is important.movers

Gun safes can be large and cumbersome, so it’s best to have a plan before moving them. Professional Movers In Providence RI have the skills and experience to safely move your gun. Before moving, empty your safe and remove any items that may become damaged or broken during transport. This will help you avoid any accidents during the move.

Once the safe is ready, move it slowly and carefully along its route to its final destination. Use a dolly and ask friends, preferably strong ones, to help you.

When moving the gun safe down stairs, ensure you have at least two people on hand to hold the dolly and direct it down the stairway. This will ensure that your stairway remains intact and free from damage.

Once the safe is on the truck, ensure it’s tied down with at least three logistics straps. This will keep the safe from swinging out of place and potentially hitting people or other objects.


Gun safes are designed to be hardy and heavy-duty, with features like burglar-resistance and fire protection that make them invaluable once they’re in your home. However, moving them from one place to another can be a challenge.

The best thing to do is hire a local gun-safe moving company that can safely move these large, heavy vaults. Special trucks and equipment allow them to transport a safe without causing damage or injury.

If you plan to move your gun safe yourself, take the following safety measures:

Ensure that you empty your safe of all guns and ammunition. This will make it easier for you and your movers to lift it.

In addition, wrap your safe in blankets and plastic to protect it from scratches along the way. Ensure that you use straps to secure it in place on the dolly. This will prevent it from rolling off the dolly and crashing into walls or people during transit.


Gun safes are a great way to store your most prized possessions safely. However, moving a gun safe requires an experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure that the safe isn’t damaged during the move.

Gun Safe Movers have extensive experience navigating tight corners with large objects, and will utilize moving blankets and heavy-duty straps to protect the gun safe throughout the move. They will also handle the gun safe’s contents carefully and ensure it arrives at its destination intact.

The time taken to complete a move depends on the size and weight of the safe, as well as the distance it needs to be moved. It is also influenced by the type of route that will need to be traveled, whether it involves stairways or lengthy pathways.

The smallest safes weigh around 300-400 pounds when completely empty, which is a hefty amount of weight to carry. When you consider the difficulty of navigating staircases and narrow doorways, it becomes clear that attempting to move one alone can result in severe damage, injury or breakage.


When moving large items, you want to ensure the cost is within your budget. A good way to do this is by getting quotes from various companies specializing in gun-safe movers.

Generally, you can expect to pay between $150 and $1000 for gun safe movers to move your safe. This amount of money will cover their training and knowledge and any equipment they need to complete the job successfully.

You can also move your gun safe yourself, but this isn’t a good idea unless you have the necessary equipment and experience. There are a number of risks involved, including damage to your safe or home, damage to your truck tailgate, and risk of serious injuries that could leave you with medical bills and time off work.