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We know you want to do what you can to make it easier for you and your baby to have a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Robert Vigneri – 940 E. 3rd St., Suite 203-  307-577-0465

Dr. Richard Green – 940 E. 3rd St., Suite 102-  307-577-4280

Dr. Michael Quinn –  940 E. 3rd St., Suite 208-  307-577-0480

Dr. David Elbogen – 1720 S. Poplar- 307-473-1427

Dr. Melissa Knudson-Johnson - 3632 American Way (Mesa Primary) 307-234-6765

Community Health Center – 5000 Blackmore Rd- 307-233-6000

UW Family Practice – 1522 East A St.- 307-234-6161

Casper Pediatrics – 1300 East A St.- 307-265-2400

Casper Children’s Center – 940 E. 3rd St., Suite 205-  307-577-4260


 If you are a pediatrician practicing in Casper and would like to be added to this list, contact us.

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